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Isla and Luke: Make or Break? by Rhian Tracey


Sequel to When Isla Meets Luke Meets Isla

Isla and Luke, having started their relationship, find that the path of true love rarely runs smooth.

What are you supposed to do when you love somebody but you find that you have different plans for the future?

And then Isla does something to Luke that anybody would find hard to forgive.

Will Luke forgive Isla? Can Isla do anything to make it right again?

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When Isla Meets Luke Meets Isla by Rhian Tracey

1029838‘I didna want to leave really. I wanted to push the red emergency button like they have on trains to stop and you have to pay a fifty pound fine if you didna mean it. I wanted to make the pilot turn the plane around. I wanted to go back to ma school. I didn’t even know what Maidstone looked like. It sounded grey. Grey, dull and dreary. No music, no Castle, no Firth of Forth, no Lucy, no Helen, no Saturdays into Princes Street on the bus for GBP1, we get on for half I folded ma arms, arranging ma face into a permanent sulk with a clear ‘No Entry’ sign on it.’

Isla moves down with her parents from Scotland to England and instantly feels herself in an alien land. But then she meets Luke and slowly their friendship blossoms into love.

The Bad Girls Club by Rhian Tracey

954811Four girls – Mary, Bea, Meena and Atlanta – are thrown together when they are picked for very different reasons by their teacher, to form a book review club. Their discussions and reviews will be heard on radio, chaired and presented by the incredibly cool Jazz.

As the girls gradually relax and talk more and more animatedly about what they think about the different books, they find they are learning from, as well as about, each other. And so they become friends.

Until one day Mary does the unforgivable and, having flirted outrageously with Bea’s new boyfriend, makes an all-out play for him…