Celebrating Young Adult fiction by UK authors

Soul Fire (Soul #2) by Kate Harrison

15612711Welcome to Soul Beach.

People are dying to get here . . .

Alice Forster talks to her dead sister, Meggie, in the virtual world of Soul Beach – an online paradise for the young, the beautiful and the dead – but paradise can be stifling and the Beach’s guests want to move on.

If Alice can solve the mystery of her sister’s murder then Meggie will be free.

But passions are running high, the temperature’s rising and as Alice gets closer to finding the killer, the killer is getting closer to Alice . . .

Soul Storm (Soul Beach #3) by Kate Harrison

soul storm kate harrison Someone is stalking Alice Forster. She’s sure it’s her sister’s murderer, but her parents think she’s cracking under the stress of Meggie’s death. Only in the virtual world of Soul Beach – an online paradise for the young, the beautiful and the dead – can Alice feel truly free. But there’s trouble in paradise . . .

Clouds are gathering.

A storm is brewing.

The killer is about to strike.

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Soul Beach by Kate Harrison

When Alice Forster receives an email from her dead sister she assumes it must be a sick practical joke. Then an invitation arrives to the virtual world of Soul Beach, an idyllic online paradise of sun, sea and sand where Alice can finally talk to her sister again – and discover a new world of friendships, secrets and maybe even love…

But why is Soul Beach only inhabited by the young, the beautiful and the dead? Who really murdered Megan Forster? And could Alice be next? The first book in an intriguing and compelling trilogy centred around the mystery of Megan Forster’s death.

Learn more at the Soul Beach website

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Emma of Book Angel Booktopia picks her Top 10 UKYA books

Emma of Book Angel Booktopia picks “Ten Terrific Books by British Authors I have actually read.”

In no particular order…

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling: Seven hot brothers with paranormal abilities. Each book in the series told from a different perspective, lots of lovely twists and turns and heart warming romance. Awesome.

Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton: Fate, destiny and soul mates. Need I say more *swoon*

Hollow Pike by James Dawson: Atmospheric tension, witches and the main character is welsh ;D A blend important teen issues, teen angst, witchcraft and murder/mystery.

The Truth About Celia Frost by Paula Rawsthorne: Loved the way this one unfolded, honestly couln’t predict the plot direction until it happened. Action packed with unbelievable twists that take you completely by surprise.

Kiss, Date, Love, Hate by Luisa Plaja: A game that can control reality – personalities, looks and interactions. The insight Luisa gives to the inner workings of a teens mind is both frightening and encouraging in equal measure.

When I was Joe by Keren David: A powerful and compelling story which highlights the effects and consequences of bullying from both sides.

A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton: A tumultuous mix of action and emotion blending a battle of good and evil with romance.

Soul Beach by Kate Harrison: Murder, mystery, supernatural thriller. Fascinating and unique.

Department 19 by Will Hill: This book opens up the classic Dracula tale to a whole new generation. If you like vampires your going to like this book, if you like conspiracy theories then this book is an absolute must.

My So Called Afterlife by Tamsyn Murray: Such a strange premise for a book but Tamsyn’s sense of humour really makes it work.

While choosing my ten books it occured to me that the one consistant thing I seem to like is the inclusion of strong female characters. You learn something new every day ;D