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Lifted by Hilary Freeman

7993173Shoplifting and blogging … now Robyn’s a celebrity.

Robyn is a compulsive shoplifter – with a difference. Everything she steals, she donates to charity shops – then blogs about it. She doesn’t need to steal, but shoplifting gives her a buzz like no other. Soon everybody’s talking about the mystery blogger.

At last Robyn has the fame she craves – but only one person knows who she really is, and he’s sworn to secrecy … Will Robyn risk revealing her true identity – and can she stop shoplifting before she gets caught?

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The Boy From France (Camden Town Tales) by Hilary Freeman

A French exchange brings new agonies and ectasies to Camden Town!

When Vix’s classmates find out that their visiting French exchange students will include boys, everyone is very excited. Everyone, that is, except Vix, who has a sick mother to cope with, and no time for boys.

But her student does turn out to be a boy, and, what’s more, he’s both gorgeous and charming. All her friends and schoolmates are jealous, especially when he appears to have eyes for no one but Vix.

But is he for real? How long can it last?

And will Vix’s secrets and lies destroy the relationship?

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Camden Town Tales: The Celeb Next Door by Hilary Freeman

Rosie has lived in Paradise Avenue, Camden Town all her life. As well as the market to hang out at and gigs to go to, there are celebrities to spot, and TV studios where she and her best friends Sky and Vix might get noticed.

When Rosie finds out that the drummer from a chart-topping group is moving into the house next door, she makes it her mission to befriend him. But things don’t turn out quite the way she expects …

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