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Denial by David Belbin


Dan Fordham is a compelling, charismatic teacher in his mid-thirties, adored by many of his students and by his 14-year-old daughter, Caitlin, who lives with him during the week.

When Dan is accused of molesting a girl in one of his GCSE classes, nobody really believes it, with the exception of Aaron, a boy in his accuser’s form. He corroborates part of 15-year-old Natasha Harris’s story. Dan is suspended. Caitlin is crushed and confused. At first she unreservedly believes her father. She collects stories to help discredit Natasha.

But why did her mother leave her father five years ago? And why does she sense there is more to the allegation than her father is telling?

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3 thoughts on “Denial by David Belbin

  1. I’m trying to remembr if I read it or not. Is this the book where the daughter ends up remembering that her father molested her when she was younger?

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  3. No, it’s the one where the person who posts spoilers on book websites gets turned into a Dan Brown fan…