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The Doomspell Trilogy by Cliff McNish


Rachel and Eric are hurtled to a terrifying place. Like thousands of other children before them they have been snatched away by the Witch. But she has met her match.

Rachel and Eric discover they have astonishing powers. She is a spellmaker who can fly, change shape and scent magic across other lands and oceans. Eric is a destroyer of spells. Together they embark on a journey from which there may be no return.

The Witch will stop at nothing to enslave them and destroy her old adversaries the Wizards. The fate of all children lies in the balance – will Rachel and Eric save them, or will the Witch finally triumph?

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2 thoughts on “The Doomspell Trilogy by Cliff McNish

  1. I remember reading this series when I was younger, I loved it! Always stayed with me. There’s a bit in a basement where the wall opens and they are sucked through into the witches world whilst the dad tries to fight and get them back – is that right? (or am I thinking of something else?) If so I can still remember it. Very vivid imagery.
    They’re great books!

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