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Set in Stone by Linda Newbery

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A reader-teasing mystery in the tradition of Wilkie Collins and the Victorian Gothic novel, set in 1898. Fourwinds, a country house close to the South Downs, is the pride of its owner, wealthy widower Ernest Farrow. Samuel Godwin, a gullible young artist employed by Farrow as painter and tutor, is irrevocably drawn into the lives of the three young women at Fourwinds: demure Juliana; Charlotte Agnew, governess and companion, who reveals little of her thoughts and aspirations; and Marianne, the younger daughter, passionate, wilful and unpredictable. Intrigued by Marianne to the point of obsession, Samuel little suspects how thoroughly he is being manipulated.

It’s not only the people who fascinate. Samuel is equally entranced by the house itself: Fourwinds, beautifully designed and furnished in Arts and Crafts style, a house to delight and surprise with the attention paid to every detail. What, though, can account for the absence of the West Wind carving, and the disappearance of its creator, the gifted sculptor Gideon Waring, whose name must never be mentioned in Mr Farrow’s hearing? Awed by Waring’s skill, Samuel longs to meet him and see more of his work. But in doing so, he uncovers secrets that are both horrifying and dangerous to all …

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One thought on “Set in Stone by Linda Newbery

  1. I only discovered this book last year, but it’s quickly become one of my favourites. The tension Linda Newbery conjours is remarkable, and she clearly had a lot of fun writing in what is a fantastically gothic style!