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Crossing the Line by Gillian Philip

Nick Geddes is the loneliest thug in school, but that’s not entirely his own fault. True, he should never have thrown in his lot with the homicidal Kev Naughton in the first place, but he’s trying to live down his past.

It isn’t his fault his mother is a New Age hippy chick with a mortifying god-slot on local radio; as far as he knows it isn’t him who drives his father to drink. Nick isn’t the one who hangs out shoplifting with an imaginary friend: that’s his deranged sister Allie.

Worst of all, the girl he loves hates him with a passion, and that’s understandable. But it wasn’t Nick who stabbed Orla Mahon’s brother to death with a kitchen knife…

Shortlisted for the Stockport Schools’ Book Award 2010, and the Angus Book Award 2010

Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2010, Wirral Paperback of the Year, and the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Award

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